Understand your health,
transform your future

Unique Precision Wellness in the palm of your hand.

We offer users personalized, directly-relevant advice

The Rejuvenan platform uses digital interventions to move users along the illness-to-wellness spectrum. We leverage smartphones, wearable devices, cloud technology and user-provided information to deliver precise, individualized, clinically-proven guidance on lifestyle choices and behavior.

A digital, personal health advocate available 24/7

Reduce the current risk of, or reverse the severity of the major lifestyle-related diseases: cardiovascular disease, obesity-related disease, hypertension, and diabetes. Personalized advice on nutrition and smart food choices, exercise and movement, stress management, and the role of social support networks in robust health.

Grounded in Nobel
Prize-winning science and advanced, predictive risk algorithms

Our precise, personalized guidance is driven by 10 “biomarkers” of each user’s health and wellness.

These markers were selected based on (1) their statistical power in gauging the risk and existence of the lifestyle-related diseases and (2) their proven relationship to the integrity of your Telomeres – the protective end-caps on your chromosomes.

Our platform places cutting-edge, Nobel Prize-winning research on telomere health into the palm of your hands.