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A giant step beyond wearables, raw data, massive, impersonal content libraries, and HRAs, Rejuvenan offers an all-digital, 24x7, data- and science-driven platform to engage, excite, and educate, and to enhance health and wellness and quality of life.

Rejuvenan puts precise and personalized behavioral advice in the user’s hands using ten biomarkers. These biomarkers were chosen for their predictive power in assessing disease risk. Improvements in each biomarker have been shown to enhance cellular health by supporting telomere length – the most predictive biomarker of aging and chronic disease ever discovered. Curated content and recommendations cover the “Four Pillars” of Rejuvenan: Nutrition, Stress Reduction, Exercise, and Social Support.

Rejuvenan is scalable and secure, with the ability to handle over one million user interactions per second and data security that extends beyond HIPAA guidelines. Employee onboarding is simple and straightforward, and all personal information remains confidential and can only be viewed by the employee.

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